– Cricut Setup

This guidebook is helpful for the readers in order to setup their printers and iron presses themselves an they can also visit the official website

How to Download and Install the Cricut Design ? can easily be downloaded and installed on your device by following the given steps. It can also be downloaded on Android or IOS mobiles.

  • Firstly, Open internet browser in your computer.
  • Visit to
  • Choose machine type and click on download the setup.
  • During downloading the setup, screen will change
  • After downloading, Install the Setup.
  • It will ask for your permission.
  • Click on “I trust the application”.
  • Then setup window will appear on your screen.
  • Log in with your Cricut ID and password.
  • You will get Design Space icon on your Desktop screen automatically. Pin icon to Taskbar or drag the icon to the Taskbar.
  • Enjoy Design Space for Desktop.

Setup Your Cricut Machine via

In order to set up your Cricut device, you need to ensure the device type and follow these steps.

For Android/ iOS

  1. Start with plugging your machine and turning it on.
  2. Connect your iOS and Android device with the Cricut machine through Bluetooth.
  3. Then, visit the URL and download the “Design Space App.”
  4. Next, open the application and sign in to the Cricut account.
  5. If you do not acquire Cricut ID for your account, create one.
  6. After that, click on the menu and choose the option Machine Setup.
  7. Next, choose your machine model and follow the prompts to finish the setup process.
  8. You will know the setup is complete once the test cut is prompted on your screen.

For Windows/ Mac

  1. For Windows and Mac devices, start with plugging your machine and turning it on.
  2. Then, connect your machine to the required device using the USB cable or connect it through Bluetooth.
  3. After that, go to in your browser.
  4. Download and install the Design Space for the desktop.
  5. Next, follow the on-screen prompts to sign in.
  6. And if you do not have an account for Cricut, create an ID.
  7. After that, set up your new machine.
  8. You will know the setup is complete when the test cut is prompted on your screen.


Start exploring the creative ideas for your craft projects via Many of you out there have no idea what a Cricut machine is. Even if you acquire the device, some of you have no idea how to utilize it. In this case, you shouldn’t worry much; just walk through the guide below and set up your machine easily. Now, the Cricut machine comes bearing the good news, especially for home crafters and whoever is dealing customers in an extensive range.

From cutting to creating designs for your craft projects, Cricut is helpful throughout the process. Not just that, but you can easily connect the Cricut device to any device you want. However, the critical step is to register your account id using for Cricut. || Downloading and Installing Design Space || Quick Start Guide